Design process

Initial consultation

This visit enables Rowan to view your garden, discuss your preferences for particular garden styles, hard landscaping materials, plants and colours. It also provides an opportunity for you to say how you would like to use your garden.
At this point it is worth having an idea of your total budget for the project so that this can be taken into consideration at the design stage.

Site survey
The next step is to complete an accurate survey of the garden. This entails taking exact measurements, checking levels and noting existing trees, shrubs, plants and structures that are to remain. The soil will also be tested for acidity/alkalinity, nutrients and drainage, to determine the plants that are best suited to the site.

Taking into account both your requirements and the site survey, Rowan will draw up a draft design plan showing the main features of the new garden. He will also produce perspective sketches and drawings of specific areas and features. A meeting will subsequently be arranged to view the design plan thereby providing an opportunity to discuss the proposals and make any necessary changes. Following this meeting the finalised design plan will be drawn up.

Specification plans
Depending on the complexity of the design, specification drawings and a written specification may be necessary. This information will help landscape contractors to tender for the work and to build the garden.

Planting plans
A separate planting plan detailing individually named varieties and numbers required can be supplied. Plants will be chosen taking into account the site conditions, the overall design and your requirements. Plants can be sourced, supplied, laid out and planted if needs be and a seasonal aftercare document provided.

Once the design is complete you may wish to undertake the landscaping yourself or arrange your own contractor. Alternatively contractors can be recommended.